Hearing Center

Audibel Hearing Aid Center  630-351-3669

Wohl Eye Center has partnered with a well-respected provider of hearing services.  Hearing and Vision services at one location offers convenient access to care with providers you can trust.

Early hearing losses can be detected with a pre-screening during your eye exam.    Some hearing loss may be the result of prolonged exposure to loud music, anatomical defects or other auditory disorders.

Studies show that there is a direct correlation between vision and hearing loss in adults in older persons.   This sensory decline can have a cumulative effect on well-being, quality of life and connection to family and friends.   Our adult patients over 50 years old receive complimentary pre-screenings during eye exams, to detect potential hearing losses that can addressed early to delay biologic aging.  If hearing loss is detected, a more thorough complimentary hearing evaluation would be advised and can be scheduled with our Wohl Eye Center Hearing Specialist.

Audibel offers hearing aids in every price range.