What is CRT?

CRT stands for Corneal Refractive Therapy. CRT lenses are hard contact lenses that you wear at night while you are sleeping to reshape your cornea.  In the morning you take the lenses out and you will have clear vision without any glasses or contacts for the rest of the day.

Why would I want it?

If you are considering LASIK but you are not sure about having surgery, CRT is a FDA approved, safe and effective alternative.  Additionally CRT is not permanent so if you stop wearing them your original prescription will return in as little as 72 hours.

Am I a candidate?

If you don’t qualify for LASIK or PRK you might still qualify for CRT.  The FDA placed no age restrictions on candidates for corneal reshaping with CRT.  It’s a great option for children and teens that are active in sports activities or any other extra curricular activities. Adults also enjoy the freedom of CRT; and even those that may be presbyopic (requiring reading glasses or bifocals), may still be great candidates.

How do I get it?

Make an appointment for a complimentary screening at the Wohl Eye Center!



For more information on CRT visit the Paragon website: